Skylink: Open, Close & Be Safe

Some pretty bad reviews on Amazon.

The Skylink WD-434RTL Long Range Door/Window Alert Kit is an OK deal @ $23.00 + $5.00 shipping. It’s on Amazon for $35.43 + free shipping.

The Rub is that few people I know have only one door/window they would need to protect to secure their residence and that’s where they get you. Extra door/window/garage door sensors on Amazon are $20.85 each and the motion sensors are $22.08 each. My house has numerous sliding glass doors and, including the garage, would require fifteen door/window sensors and a minimum of three motion detectors. That’s a total of $378.99 for the extras alone. Add the receiver deal from Woot and you get a grand total of $406.99, and that’s for an unmonitored alarm system. Not a very good deal for me.

Be aware that many municipalities require a license or permit fee for any alarm system, monitored or not. My city, Corpus Christi, Texas, charges $35.00 per year and will write you a costly citation if they find you have any kind of system and no permit.

On which product are you commenting please? For the alarm system, I wouldn’t say that a 4.2 star average (out of 5) from 22 reviewers on Amazon would equal “some pretty bad reviews”.

Gonna buy the garage door remote kit and keyless entry kit and see if I can get the remote to control both doors, and the keypad to control just the main door. Looks like it should work. Right now I’ve got no functional remotes.

I just “installed” two of the universal garage door keypads.

Our old keypads were starting to act up, and they were expensive to replace, so I picked up two of these keypads.

Very simple setup - the instructions are actually quite informative and easy to follow. I just copied the settings from my remote clicker, and mounted the keypad on the frame of the garage door outside.

They’re essentially a remote clicker with PIN protection. No wiring at all.

So far I’m very happy with them. We’ll see how they hold up.