this program is amazing. why even need a home phone?






Nah…it’s a real VOIP. Some of my family members use it and swear by it.
No flammable spammy links or combustible site pimping involved…no reason to get too pyromanaical. Yet.


We are actually thinking about getting one of the VOIP type services, we just haven’t done it yet. I guess we are still not sure about it.


does skype give you a real phone number anyone can dial in on? i didn’t think they used to…


vonage seems to have good pricing, but no one on wall street seems to think they’re going to survive… their stock has been tanking for awhile… as always, shop around beforehand…


I can’t give you too much more info…they like it. My cable/digital phone’s got unlimited long distance so I don’t need it.
I may try it when I go back overseas.