Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations

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New Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Slacker 2GB Portable WiFi Internet Radio Player w/15 Stations - 90260004

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While I can’t say I like it, I do love how the screen looks. I wish it played videos…

lame… i heart my brown zune

I have to admit I don’t quite know enough about this but I think it’s a really good Woot… I’ve only heard good things about Slacker but not entirely sure of the entire process… if they happen to go out of business can this still work as an MP3 player on its own?

Have an iphone =\

this device would have been killer IF you could add SD memory card to expand… oh well…

I’ve heard these are nice!

Theres only one at EBay and it looks like its selling at retail–$150! Look for yourself

Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo is an awesome song! I remember it back like 7 years ago. The video is pretty sweet too!

Not bad actually.
I have my ipod and iphone so I’m not getting :stuck_out_tongue:

Er…so what is this good for?

I have the 8 gig player… it’s ok… This is a pretty good deal for $50 though.

Damn. I have a Sirius lifetime sub (SL2) but recently discovered slacker. I have been streaming slacker from my computer at home and absoluetly love it. If I didn’t have so much invested in the Sirus sub and all the docs and what not I’d have pulled the trigger on a Slacker G2 long ago.

The only major pitfall to the G1 and the G2 right now is NO car docs. Sucky.

For $50, this is an awesome way to get your feet wet with portable Slacker. I’m going to have to sleep on this.

Will this work through my car stereo?

it looks like it can still play MP3s … my only dislike is no video capabilities

gonna have to skip it

BTW random day on shirt.woot… only reason i mention is i already ordered mine


Layme! Get an iPod touch for WiFi radio using Pandora. It’s Sweeeeeet

(got my iPod on wootoff and LUV it!)

Yes, for the 500 meg of mp3 storage space.

Flat Eric!

That’s some good advertising there, Woot.

Analog Worms Attack is a beastly album.