Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations

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New Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Slacker 2GB Portable WiFi Internet Radio Player w/15 Stations - 90260004

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Anyone hacked these yet?

I’m happy with my zune

Sold mine on ebay… go to and click on forums, then G1…

Look at all the problems people have listed. They have all kinds of problems with refreshing these things. Great concept, crappy…crappy product.

Radio ,I remember those days.

WLS in the summer. boogie check boogie check oooo aahh!

worth buying bought the 8gb awhile ago for about 20 more on woot. Except for the lack of video this puts my ipod to shame.

I thought this was my dirty cheap Sansa I’ve been waiting for… after the key chain… this is killer.

in for 1 great player

Someone please buy this waste of lcd screen… and quick!

I love mine! It’s great for working out (plugging into the eliptical) or plugging in to the car when the local radio stations get to where they repeat the same song every hour!

I think I have enough stuff like this=15 to many

Getting better…but nothing that I want and or need…got the iphone…pandora rocks

I’m happy with silence…it’s so rare in my home! There’s always someone yammering at me to do something. For them.

I want to get another one of these but I just paid $39.99 for 2 of them on Sellout.woot.

Tempting but paying more for the same thing kills it.


decent price

Got one of these for Christmas as a gift. Love it!! I’m in for one for my son.

I predict the Sansa in 4 Woots.

Slacker works great now that they updated the firmware… at first had issues with it updating… now it works like it should… great service, I say it’s worth the 49+5… specially because you can’t touch them for less than 80-90 elsewhere.