Slacker 8GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 40 Stations

this would be VERY difficult to do. Think about typically sports information is TIME sensitive but you have no idea if a person will sync twice a day or once a month.

not being REAL TIME its going to be hard to do that effectively.

on top of this being pretty pointless to me on account of i don’t really listen to anything new… Daughtry is on there, i wouldn’t waste any of my slammin’ 8 gigs… it doesn’t even look at all satisfying… woot is really trying to get rid of these things…

Why anyone would buy one of these (at full price, anyway) rather than getting an iTouch with the Pandora app is beyond me. This thing is a one trick pony.

Lets see

Itouch. MORE money Smaller lower res screen and you need to be NEAR wifi for it to work. (now granted the touch has more functionality than just pandora)

Slacker. wifi only needed to sync every now and then. Works anywhere. simple to use and cheaper.

now yes at $250 even $200 I would not buy one of these. but your common is utterly useless since its $75 not $200+ :slight_smile: so why mention it at all ?

IF I HAD $250 I would buy it but I don’t so I am glad woot got em :slight_smile:

You know sometimes one trick ponies are JUST BETTER.

lol maybe because an 8GB Touch is over $200?
get real.

Credit never costs nothing. Watch the news lately?

I am correct you are incorrect.

Now if you meant to say ABUSING credit costs your right. I learned that mistake the hard way still paying off my credit debt

Many people (ie those with GOOD CREDIT tend to be these people) know when to use and when not to use a credit card.

the OUT OF POCKET COST IS ZERO and ALL of the CC offers I ever saw on these sites are NO minimum fees and NO annual fee. IE you don’t have to USE IT you just have to be approved (and maybe make a 99cent pop purchase at wawa to qualify)

Using is a cost YOU incur not a cost the offer incurs :slight_smile:

I think they make a pandora app for winblows mobile… if that means anything

Does the itouch pandora app save all your favorite songs so you can listen to them in the car when there is no wi-fi around? didnt think so… does it cost 4x as much as the slacker does? yes… who’s the retard? you…

Agreed. I bought 3 last time and couldnt be more satisfied. Christmas was a success due to this

I notices that the shipment came directly from Slacker, not WOOt!, so Slacker must have been happy with the response

In for 1, the new firmware sold me.

A few points that haven’t been covered or replied to completely…

It’s dishonest of you to not only be that wrong but to leave your post unedited once a dozen people have pointed out that you’re wrong.

It isn’t a TV. I’m not big on album art myself, but lots of people love loading lots of album art onto their much smaller iPod nano screens. At least on the G1’s screen you can see it. And if you’re interested in the bios and reviews and whatnot, it’s very easy to read. Most of them are just republished from All-Music Guide, so I don’t really read them much.

  1. Get over yourself. 2. On my 15-station G1 from here last month, I get 90 skips an hour. That’s 6 per channel per hour. If you need to skip more than that, maybe the problem is how you’re configuring your stations.

That said, some of the more eclectic Slacker stations are really spectacularly ignorantly programmed, with artists that are the philosophical opposite of what the station’s theme is. But I went in and banned those artists and the stations play better music now.

Nonetheless, if you’re worried that a station you chose to put on the device might not have anything you want to listen to, why’d you put it on the device?

Oh yeah, mine too. Sirius killed the XM star. I’m keeping a low-level XM plan for MLB broadcasts, but XM’s a deserted wasteland now that Sirius has decimated it.

How’s that working during your commute?

See my comments above.

Unless that new firmware changed something (I haven’t been able to update during my holiday vacation), this is not true. Your SSID must be visible/broadcast every time you update. I was really appalled that it doesn’t remember the SSID. Confirming link from the Slacker FAQ:

You seriously do not know how these things work. Go on over to or look it up in Wikipedia – the same principle. That is okay – something new is coming out every day and it’s all good. The reason that the music is virtually free is that the licensing does not allow you to pick and choose among songs. They are streamed to you according preset “radio stations” based upon genre, time period, “mood”, etc. – anything but “on demand.” If you want, you can rate songs and pretty soon it will be playing songs by new artists (new to you) that you may like based upon the similarity of the new songs to the ones you already like according to a computer algorithm. The one on Pandora works exceptionally well. The more songs you rate, the better it gets. Additionally, you can create multiple stations that choose your “subgenres” of jazz, head banger, hip-hop, etc. At 20 to 30 seconds an hour of commercials this is virtually free to you. However the evil record labels want to charge “net radios” an exorbitant fee. I don’t know what happened to this federal legislation – I think it is still pending, but on hold.

Having said that, there is software out there that will download, separate, and tag automatically songs from Pandora and other streaming music sites. They will do this for hours on end, converting everything to MP3 tagged songs for you to use to fill up your MP3 player. Thankfully, the software doesn’t work all that well, it’s not all that well known, so we still have Internet radio. Who knows for how long. Get a refubished Sansa for podcasts. Or a 20GB H10 by iRiver or …

How dare they insult Trans-Siberian Orchestra! I’m actually going to see them tonight!

Slacker has a new service called “Slacker Radio Plus” that allows unlimited skips, unlimited song request and no audio or banner ads for $4 per month.

Can I listen to WFMU on this?

Nope - just the Slacker stations. BTW, WFMU is one of the best college stations in the nation!! You can listen to them through ITunes Radio (not portable though, bah!!)

That is it? That is all you got is just a bunch of spazz? Figures. You are so full of it I bet your eyes are brown!

No new music! LOL

In for one.

Tried to talk my brother into getting one: “I use my ipod nano during commutes to listen to podcasts and I can’t use it when I am working outside because of the headphone wires.”

I like the idea of these because (I’m hoping) it’s a cool new way to find out about new bands and new (to me) music, esp. during the times when I am making green smoothies:


fruit juice

vanilla yogurt


collard greens

(blend until liqud, then drink for great ENERGY!!!)