Slankets: Yes, It's A Real Word

Stupid question- the description says “15 colors” for the regular slanket, but I only see 10?

I guess they only have 10 of the 15 colors in stock.

Another question would be why they’re selling 10 colors but only have photos for 9.

Looks like we didn’t get some colors at the last minute.

I do see 10 photos though - 7 on the first set in the gallery and 3 on the 2nd.

When the writer described the travel slanket as “simplistic,” do you think that she or he was being snarky?

I have something similar to the Koala, a blanket/pillow called a planket and I absolutely love it. Solves the problem of throws lying around because they become throw pillows…

I bought these when woot had them a few years ago, although I remember paying much less. They were the best happiest most appreciated gift I gave, and I thought I was being funny giving them. People love these things! The only other gift that has thrilled people as much is the forever lazy.

Slankets are my favorite things in the ENTIRE world. They are plush and comfy and so very warm. I bought one just to bring to my parents’ house for the holidays because otherwise I’ll be walking around huddled in a comforter.

Also my cats love them.

Since someone often asks about slanket v. snuggie:

Slanket is to snuggie like voltron is to the power rangers. older, thicker, and better acted.

Slanket is the clear superior product.

When I saw “The Slanket-10 Colors” and a Slanket with ASCII printed all over it, I thought it was a binary joke and that there would be only 2 colors…

There are many “real words” that should not be uttered in polite conversation. This is one of them.

What’s wrong with the word “this”? I think it’s a perfectly fine word and quite useful.