Slash Basic 40" Slider Kit with Motor

This is awesome!!! What is it?

I think this is one of those motorized camera mounts that can Ascend the 10 feet over 10 hours very popular in current ad film sales and marketing video clips.
This could easily pay for itself with the first gig if the videographer knows what they’re doing.No idea on brand, build quality. I just know a guy who’s son is really successfull doing it.

Here’s a video of what it does…

Apparently, it’s a quality product that isn’t exactly cheap. B&H Photo Video sells it for $999

Although it seems expensive, keep in mind that it’s no more than a relatively inexpensive DSLR or a medium quality lens. If you do this kind of work, it’s a reasonable investment.

Hmm no reviews or Q&A at B&H, the version with the ‘pro’ legs is listed as discontinued. While this is apparently a good price for this capability, no reviews to confirm the actual capability, and discontinuation of the other product makes this seem like a good price for a clearance/fire sale. That’s not a bad thing by definition, but this is the sort of product I would want to know is going to be supported going forward.

Serious question. What would be an application for this thing?

The video link posted above explains it better than a written answer :slight_smile: