Slate Tile Wood Burning Fire Pit

•Includes insert cover to convert into a table

Be nice if there was a picture.

These are great for when you don’t want an actual fire pit in your yard. They are visually more appealing, easy to move, and can be used on a patio/deck too!

Looks pretty close to this one, except the woot one costs more…

[MOD: Different model (see legs). That has 6mo warranty. Ours has 1yr.]

I asked about that but was told these were the only pictures the vendor supplied. Sorry.

I bought one of these (looks almost exactly the same as this one) several seasons ago. It’s very relaxing to use on a spring or summer evening with friends. It takes the chill out of a cool night while eating up bugs as quickly as they come close. Great item to have except for one drawback…

Most of these fire pits are built of thin gauge steel and are poorly built at that. The screen does not fit properly and most of the steel parts (particularly the pit bowl) is much too thin. Rusting starts in about 2 weeks. By the beginning of the next season, it’s ready for the garbage. I looked for another fire pit to replace the one I dumped, but most seem to be built in a similar fashion so I gave up.

The one from Home Depot does not have a top to convert to a table. This one does.

I’m looking to use this on my WOODEN deck. I figure the heat rises and at 20 inches tall, that should be enough clearance to not burn the deck. thoughts?

I agree. Which is why I am surprised WOOT is selling a fire pit for more than $50… that was the price point I was looking for.

I don’t have much to say about the product, but wanted to say that I rather enjoyed that write up.

You’d think that, but as someone who scorched a hole in his lawn with a similar model, I would recommend only using this over concrete or cement.

Not safe, I have a similar table.
The bottom of my fire bowl has a hole that lets ashes/rainwater to fall out to a small round tray beneath it.

Nope, we too made this mistake. What I would suggest is that you use a sheet of steel and set it underneath your pit to prevent burns. Totally ruins the ambience, but if you are hell bent on having it on your deck… We just bit the bullet and moved it to the lawn or on concrete and called it “a lesson learned” (after having to replace our boards)

Also a note on this. You need extremely small pieces of wood if you ever want the cover on or to keep the fire in the actual pit. If you plan on using this for warmth I recommend something like this:

… but that one is sooooo UGLY!

Couldn’t you have put concrete pavers under your fire pit?

That is what we have under ours right now on our new deck. However, we just have a small portable pit right now…this seems a bit more substantial.

I could of if I had some. The moral of my story was get it off the deck.

Concur. I also have one very similar to this, and I can confirm everything you said - thin steel, rust everywhere. Would not buy again, especially at this price.

We have one very similar to this. The bottom rusted out/burned through very easily. If you’re going to get one, get one with a good pan.