Sleep V-Neck Tee

Is this the equivalent to the flying monkey?

Now, who was saying they won’t put up shirts from the top 20?

Edit: Never mind! It’s a V-neck.

I did get “the binge” in a random order!

FYI: Sleep is overrated!

…when there is a Shirt Off.

I would wear it, if I got it as a random.

I might just get this and wear it this semester. I have 8am classes everyday. Darn you mandatory intermediate accounting!

That would be so Hipster of you.

Got one for a roomy sleep shirt!

Grabbed one, even though I don’t like v-necks. Figure it will make a great sleep shirt.

So, a men’s small?

Wait, sleep shirts? Sleeping with clothes on is overrated, also (unless you have kids coming into the bedroom).

I guess a V-neck would be good for a night shirt, though. Not as confining.