Yep. We have hit adorable on the ‘aww shucks’ meter. And ‘first sucker’ for me.

aww look at the cute teddy.

Too cute, but also muy macho.

lolsssss, this is too adorable!


Hahaha! I love it!!

Congrats Randy!

Oh the humanity!

Where’s the onesie option woot!

:smiley: Love your style Ser Otter

El Somnoliento is my favorite wrestler!

Congratz on the print!

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this one is adorable!

Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I had to get this for the Hubs, who is actually a semi-professional wrestler. I’m going to make him wear it to the next match.

Cant believe its only sold 3. If they have this in kid sizes, I would get 2 for my daughters PJs… if the wife approved.