Sleeping Bags and Tents

I ended up buying the Ledge 0 degree sleeping bag off amazon ($40 with prime) and just used it the last 2 weekends to great success. It’s definitely a warm sucker. The zipper is nice because there’s one on each end, so I tend to leave my feet open to let air come in (for nights that get down to 50F). I’m 6’2" and 230lbs with wide shoulders and had no problem fitting into it. The hood is nice, the zipper pocket is nice, it has a little bib if it’s super cold to seal up around your neck for minimal airflow. The zipper felt really heavy duty and I accidentally put the zipper guide through the second zipper and even with all my tugging and pulling to get it back out didn’t damage the zipper at all. It doesn’t seem to get caught up on the sleeping bag as much as most others. It’s a little tough to get it into the compression sack without a second pair of hands but it definitely packs down small – smaller than my 40 degree rectangle bag does.

Argh… I literally just bought this Tarantula tent from Amazon for $63. Could have saved myself nearly $15. I was a fool, woot. A FOOL.

This was a Christmas present for my daughter. We are very happy with the quality of the tent and features versus what we paid for it. This could easily be a $200 specialty tent. The seams are taped, the fly is full coverage, and the double vestibule/entry design adds a lot of storage space to free up floor space for the two people. I usually consider a 2-man tent to be really for one person, but this one is roomy. Well done!