Sleeping Problems

I’d like to see what derby winners could do without the constraints of a woot imposed theme. What do you think of a winners only themeless contest, one entry per person, regular woot rules apply?

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after February 3rd


this one is super cute, though, getting it for my daughter

funny shirt, nice job coming from behind

I thought this would win. It’s very cute. Congratulations on your first win! (At least I think it’s your first win.)

Sorry Cheese…it was a good fight. But, I’m happy for Sokowa.

This one is just classic, reminds me of a taking back sunday shirt I had when I was younger…

YES, I wanted this shirt. Thank you Woot.

Love it. I’m in.

Sorry to cheese, but sokowa, I love this shirt. Congrats! I just bought mine. Thanks!

Love it… a friend just started working for a mattress company… guess what she’s getting for her birthday. Thanks Sokowa and woot.

Congrats :smiley: im in for one

Navy? Again? Wtf is up with all these Navy shirts? Black would have been 10000x better!

Wow! Got one for me and one as a gift. Worth waiting up for! Congrat’s!

From far away it looks like popcorn instead of sheep.

it symbolizes why we are always up so late to see the next woot! How could we not?

In for 2!

what’s with the -11 seconds to the first order? That’s weird.

they posted it like 1 minute early, or someone is very speedy buyer

Speed to first woot: 0m -11.-720s

YAY! This is a perfect present for someone in my family.


(Congrats sokowa! :))