Slendertone System-Abs Toning Belt

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Slendertone System-Abs Toning Belt
Price: $79.99
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Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

“For the best results, Slendertone recommends that you use your Slendertone belt in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet and exercise.”

If someone does that then why would they need a magical belt?

This is supposed to be a deals site, right? If you just head over to the slendertone website, the belt is the same price($79.99). Sure, shipping on woot is only $5 and slendertone $9.99, but slendertone is tax free and woot charges $7 and change in tax (for NY at least). Why not just buy it straight from the supplier for the same price (or less)?

Pfffft… magic beans.

I believe the comparable one is $99 on their own site.

Slendertone Home

Do not buy. I had this exact model when I was in college, I bought it thinking it would be terrible, but wanted to give it a shot.

It did stimulate my ab muscles, but after a week the battery just stopped holding a charge. Saw no results even with exercise and diet.

This is not a magic ab making belt.

My thoughts exactly.

This is dumb. There is no substitute for diet and exercise. In order to get the abs that this machine promises, you need to get your body fat percentage down to the single digits and that can only be done through an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen, with the focus being mostly on exercise.

This is snake oil.

This shouldn’t be listed under Woot SPORT, this should be listed under Woot HOKUM.

Can this penetrate five inches of fat? Just asking for a friend of course…

I purchased this to try it out…I’m a licensed therapist and a lot of my clients have scar tissue in their abdomen…

Organs removed, babies cut out, hernias, D&C…a lot of people are numb through here…while I don’t think this belt will give them great abs…I think it can help bring real neurological proprioception to this region.

I’m interested to try it out, since I am some one who can use that type of stimulation as well…

I think it’s more of a snake tazer.