Slickwraps for your slick new iPhone

Yes, a product today that isn’t for yesterday’s tech. iPhone 5 owners, check in and vote for your favorite wrap.

can you put a case on over it if you want to?

Yes you can. A really tight fitting case might be tricky. I ended up taking the slick wrap piece off on the very bottom of my phone around the lightning plug and speakers . Since this piece has many cut out features it is the weakest and didn’t like the tension of my phone coming in and out the case

Does this work with iPhone Fi…oh wait…nevermind.

Amazon reviews for the 4 version are not so hot:

why cant i order two separate colors?

You totally can, you just have to order them separately. The good news is, after your first order, you’ll have unlocked free shipping so it won’t cost you any extra to do so.

I’m impressed. Didn’t think I’d see iPhone 5 products here till well into 2013. Unfortunately you still missed the timetable for my case purchase, but I would definitely be in for some accessories… hint hint.

We love hints! :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

This may be late… but recieved it today… and it doesn’t glow one bit.