Slickwraps Glow Wrap for iPhone 5

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Slickwraps Glow Wrap for iPhone 5
$4.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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sigh the only thing that might POSSIBLY make me want an iPhone: a glow int he dark wrap.

…so they’re fancy glowing stickers for your phone…? I think I’ll stick with a cover that will actually do me some good if I drop my device!

Got the purple one for my wife … she loves it. It glows pretty bright (leave it in the sun for 10-15 mins and it glows bright!) and also I was really happy that she was able to fit her case back onto her phone after applying the Glow Wrap.

Thanks woot-azon!

Well if you drop it at night, it will glow so at least you can watch it break.

I bought these the last woot off. They are decent wraps. You can see the front of your phone through your otter box and it does glow. Its kinda a pain to put on though

wow 99% just now… they must have a shit ton of these.

i missed the days of the BOC in a woot off. will it ever come back :frowning:

Wow! Cool! I want one!

Oops, I have a Droid. Nevermind :frowning:

WOOT, where the IPhone is king and Droids don’t even exist.

I liked it when they just did simple things for it, instead of the complicated things they do now
I mean, I always complained about how the bots got most of them back when you just click ‘buy now’ and you get it, and I liked it when they did the secret pages and whatnot, but now it’s just so complicated it’s not worth the effort
Especially considering the only BOC I got was rather underwhelming

Bought one of these the last time around. I had a problem re-inserting my iphone back into my Speck case–the side wraps ripped but the front wrap is fine and I do like to glow in the dark at night when I am fumbling around trying to find my phone!!