Sliding Scales
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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cool shirt, would be better on cream color though


Dragon Ball Z anyone? ?

Reminds me of SHendu** from the Jackie Chan adventures.

woah, some Tron characters found themselves a snake!

Nice clean design, I think I like it, but I wouldn’t really wear it- congrats to the artist :slight_smile:

woot needs to start giving the option for long sleeve shirts, ive got enough Tshirts now, i want some long sleeve ones too damnit.

I fear the colours may be difficult to see on an olive tee.

It really resembles a DBZ shirt…

it looks like tron guys climbing on the dragon

I would have liked this shirt if it had just been the dragon. The little guys kill it for me. :frowning:

huzzah, slaterock!! grats on printing!!

dragon ball z

oh lookie, a drangon in the shape of an and symbol

what is this…for 8 year old boys? o_o.

loving the random filter of the B word “ball”

dope shirt… except for the peeling scales.

I don’t get it… Why are there little men dry humping the dragon?

I’m liking the Trawn/Dragon Bahl Zee crossover shirt. Though, if I wanted a Dragon Bahl Z shirt, I’d just buy one from Target or something and not wait three weeks.