Sliding Scales

I didn’t realize those were people until I read the description and went back and had a closer look. Even then, I could barely tell. I thought they were fins or something.

I second…

But perhaps more importantly, what’s the deal with the sections in the description being out of order today? Or is that the new order? If so, why? So many mostly-irrelevant questions, so few answers.

It’s a green dragon on a green background with some strange people on it. Not for me…

ride the dragon …
dragon bal z!

This is something Napoleon Dynamite would wear. I dont hate it, I just dislike it.

Moreso because I hate woot.

Dragons are always hot! More so because of green dragon on green shirt - subtle, you know?

Let it never be said that Slaterock can’t create new epics out of anything. Still hoping to see your Bear v. Squid print at DBH, sir.

too dragonball z

These shirts are getting pretty dumb…

I’m so glad someone asked this cause I was thinking the same thing.

I have an ex that would wear stuff like this…when he was about what, 13? Give me a break…

I would not feel pretty in this. It’s a cool design though.

Ha ha, I thought the same thing myself!

As for the shirt, I do like the design but I wish it was more striking and stood out more. I think it would have looked better on maybe brown, red or cream.

Congrats on the print. :slight_smile:

Man , I Really don’t get why they do this all the time, using the same ink as the color of the shirt = bad print.on second look good thing theres some small lines of black ink there to break up and separte. I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry either! " ha he he haw haw!!"

I’d guess as a way to get 1 more color?

sherlock thats not what i was talking about. nevermind.

that dragon looks exactly like chen du. for those of you who arnt enlightened.
i mean chen du, the evil mastermind in the jackie chan cartoon series

plus wun

lmao, I thought the same thing right off the bat, freaky! Didn’t know anyone else was as dorky about it…and openly so. >.>

I LOVED that show! It got weird after a few seasons though.

Why? Should they be dry humping something else?