Slime 12V/250 PSI Tire Inflator wRaft Pump, Light

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Slime 12V/250 PSI Tire Inflator wRaft Pump, Light
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I have this compressor. My dad bought it for me as a gift ages ago, and I’m really glad he did. It’s loud to use, and rather slow when compared to the tank compressor I have in my garage. But I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it roadside. It’s been reliable, and survived a lot of abuse. Totally worth the price.

I have a similar style one that I bought from a big box club store roadside kit and it works well although it works very slowly compared to other compressor is in you’ll think it’s not working at first.

Anyone know how long the 12 volt wire is and/or the length of pressure hose? And are they retractable?

Amazon sells the Slime 50107 Smart Spair Emergency Tire Repair Kit which includes a bottle of slime and an air compressor, for the same price.
The inflator in the kit doesn’t look as nice as this one.

The usable portion of the hose is 2 1/2’ long.

The power cord is 10’.

They aren’t automatically retractable. You have to manually wrap them up and store the cords in the side of the compressor.

BTW, it DOES take some time to inflate a automobile tire with this thing… however, it has a dial on the gauge that you can set to the desired PSI. When it reaches the set amount, the compressor turns itself off.

I just used mine yesterday in 15 degree weather. I hooked it up, set the desired PSI, turned it on and went inside until it was done.

Thanks for your reviews guys! I just ordered one. Sick of finding a gas station with air whenever the temp drops by 30 degrees here in the frozen north.

I wish there was the ability to zoom in on some of these pictures. What are the switches next to the pressure gauge used for? There’s two outlets on the side where the flashlight’s located, but what do they do? Finally, the image of the box shows a red emergency(?) lens. Does this unit come with that also?

These switches are on/off for the light, and on/off for the compressor. The ports on the side are for inflating and deflating rafts. I’m not sure about the red filter.

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This has been a sturdy and reliable tire inflator for me. As others have noted, it is loud and it takes awhile, but it does the job. I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it and I’m happy I don’t have to go to the gas station every time my tire pressure tanks.

Has anyone used this to inflate rafts or SUP’s?

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Hey, I’m just here to say that this model with the power source being a 12v plug in is pretty reliable but slow like the others have commented. Now if you are looking to maybe get the rechargeable battery version of this, don’t. I tried 3 of them from different stores and 1 didn’t work at all and the other 2 only partially worked. Just giving out some info in case someone thinks that’s a better model and doesn’t get this one because of it.


I bought one of these from Woot over 4 years ago ($17.99 new) and agree with the others – It’s loud and may be kind of slow, but it gets the job done. I don’t use it often, but I have used it quite a few times over the years, including just last week (nail in a tire).

The only problem I have with it is that it vibrates a lot, and the ring around the gauge that sets the pressure doesn’t stay in place. I think it used to, but it doesn’t now. So I just keep an eye on it. If I ever really want to use the ring for auto-shutoff, I’ll just tape it down. :slight_smile:

Loud seems so inadequate to describe this unit.
Truthfully, it sounds more like a jackhammer…but it does work as advertised.