Slime Pro Heavy-Duty 12-V Tire Inflator

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Slime Pro Heavy-Duty 12-V Tire Inflator
Price: $34.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Saw the reviews. 150psi is a misnomer. It’s not capable of even 100psi.

How about a review from a current owner. I bought one of these in the past when I got tired of dragging out my large air tank. Small, efficient, runs on 12V car port. This thing will fill your tires in seconds, much better than a large compressor unit, and it fits easily in your vehicle. I highly recommend.

Mine work good for filling tires.
I’ve had one or one like it for a long time. That said it is not a deal. Think I paid 36.00 at the auto parts store and no shipping.
come on Amazon. don’t put them on Woot if it is not a deal.

I bought one of these a while back. I like the gauge and long hose for airing trailer tires. The bag it came in is so tight it ripped. But I don’t air tires with the bag. I thought it was okay for the price. Great for a long reach.

Currently $70 at Walmart… So…

Magic thing time and inflation. I paid less than eight Grand for my first new car!
And sheesh, I should’ve bought that island when it was traded for beads!

It’s $34.99 on Woot, $60 at Cabela’s, $70 at Walmart or $80 on Amazon. Take your pick.

I assume this will fill bike tires with Schrader valves. What about Presta valves?

Fairly sure you can buy an adapter for standard air pumps…it would just add an additional cost to the investment. Not sure if it’d be really convenient unless you’re planning on using your car’s power to inflate the tires while out-and-about. In-house seems like a wall-outlet style would be easier, if not a hand pump.

Bought one of these off the mothership after I missed it on Woot back in 2013. Paid ~$50 for it and never regretted it. 4 years and plenty of use and it’s never let me down. I leave it in the trunk and it’s great to have the peace of mind knowing I can re-inflate my tires on the go. I see people arguing about whether it can hit >100psi values. For your average car, you’re never going to need more than 40, so it’s a moot point.

Highly recommended.

I bought this at walmart, about 3 years ago now, for $50 and it still works great. Its reasonably fast at filling tires, faster then others with 12v plug that I’ve tried. Used weekly as I have a slow leak that the shop can’t figure out. (Dunn Tire fwiw)

The only problem I had was this blew my power port fuse the first time I used it and spent about $20 and an hour of time wiring in a 15a one in the back hatch area of my Forester.

When they say you need 15a (180w), they mean it. People with “Cig lighter” should be fine. People with just power ports better check the manual.

Lastly, while the guage may read upto 150 psi, doesn’t mean it can top it that high and I’ve had no need to go above 45 myself.

All these comments and no one even mentions the Company name?

Slime Pro


Was Scum Pro taken?

I just tried this out for my car tires a little bit ago and it worked perfectly. I was pretty confused for a few seconds when I first tried to plug it in because it appeared that there was no end on the power cable! I finally figured out that the 12V plug just needed to be pulled out. It wouldn’t actually work in the accessory port next to my never used ash tray but it worked just fine with the other one inside my center console. It didn’t take too long to properly inflate my tires and I was thankful for the ability to screw the air hose into the tire instead of holding it there.

If I had one complaint it would be that the pressure gauge needs a light of some sort. I have a street light right next to where I park my car but I still had to use the flashlight on my cell phone to be able to read the gauge.

Hopefully the thing holds up!