Slime Tire Inflator - Your Choice

OK reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) on the Comp06 over at

Lots of solid reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the Comp06 over at amazon

Comp05 got 4 stars from amazon
Info and manuals on Product Page

Looks like it was designed with wit. I’d like to imagine the heads that spent the time on this also spent the time looking up decent parts to make it attractive inside as well as out.
I have things that do this stuff but if not would buy it. KPAX meter. Haha

This may be just what I need, and maybe a lot of us may need it as well. I own a new GM luxury car which does NOT have a spare tire. That’s right, no spare tire. If you ever get a flat, you just call a number (night or day) and you get road repair…free of charge. Well, I never had a flat tire YET and I don’t know how long I’ll need to wait for the road repair to get to me. So, I’m going to buy this slime tire inflator and look at it as an insurance policy.

Hmmmm? Sitting on the fence here. I bought the slime 230 PSI compressor maybe a year ago or so. It has the battery so I wasn’t dependent on plugging it into a car’s power outlet. It really worked great until just last week when I went to inflate our daughter’s bike tires - and the battery went dead. It shouldn’t have as I had just charged it. I’m thinking one of these may be the way to go and just forget the rechargaeble battery route.

My family has gone through 4 different tire inflators in about 10 years. The last one died last week. I hope this Slime Tire Inflator is up to the challenge! I’m in for one.

I’m guessing the missing fuse is a standard item? Wonder why it’s not included. ??

Maybe because not all cars are capable of 15 amp though that socket and if you burn out your car’s wiring they can say it’s your own fault for putting in a 15amp fuse?

I’m guessing it ** is ** a standard fuse, but note the comment on the Amazon page (see link above): your car must deliver 15 amps to its power outlet, or the 06 will not work.

How do you find out if your car delivers 15 amps to its power outlet?

Owner’s manual (under Specifications), or call dealer. First way is probably faster and more likely to be accurate?

Ehh . . . not so solid, if you read reviews from people who’ve used the thing more than once. The COMP06 is far from being “heavy duty”. Plastic “heat fins” can only be described as fake heat sinks; the whole thing overheats and starts shedding parts if you try to run it for more than ten minutes at a time, and the heat causes the hose to disintegrate over time. This is not a serious compressor. You could keep it in the garage, for topping off tires that are a few pounds low - and bike tires and basketballs - but you’d be nuts to carry it in the trunk for emergency use.

Your owner’s manual. Unless you own a pickup or big SUV with a “utility” outlet, it probably won’t deliver 15 amps without getting seriously overheated. You can risk melting your outlet (and dashboard), but you’d be much better off clipping an adapter to the battery terminals. Having one of these in the trunk is a good idea in general:

Bought what is essentially the 06 at harbor freight a year ago. Use it all the time. Never fails. Cost like $15. I’d pass on these for this price.

What if the reason for you flat tire caused too big of a gash and air would just leak no matter what?

I bought a slime compressor that works from a cigarette lighter for my quad for whenever we get flats or slow leaks. Works like a charm, simple to use and very effective. For the price I would pass it up. So far slime has been a terrific product for me

The big one looks identical to one I got from Harbor Freight, even including the canvas bag. With local tax it was cheaper from them. Mine does not include the light, though.

I am not happy with it. You have to disconnect the air line, power the unit and then reconnect if you have as much as 28 psi already in the tire. It is low volume air, and damn slow. It gets hotter than hell. It does not use a regular tire chuck, you have to screw the line onto your shraeder valve, and need their adapters to blow up other stuff. An air mattress would be a pain to fill.

Best unit I ever had is called Truck Air. It lasted over twenty years and had a big cylinder for speed. I could not find one quick, so I went to the Chinese Communists and got the same as their peasants.

Bull. Post a link.