Slime Tire Inflator - Your Choice answers the question “how much slime do I need?”

Anyone else from the ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’ era think it would be super fun to use that slime to inflate your tires?!

Let’s check out these comments from when these were offered in August

OK reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) on the Comp06 over at

How can anyone name their products SLIME snd think that will not impact sales? I bought a SLIME tire pressure gauge at Walmart and it broke real soon after I got it. No more SLIME for me!

I have a lot of experience with Slime - the goop you put in your tire, not this inflator. I’ve found it’s not wise to use Slime in a car tire because a car tire spins too fast - you’ll find the tire will make a noise like it’s out of balance - because it is. The Slime causes the tire to become out of balance.

Slime is great for a quick fix on other tires, like lawn mower tires, wheelbarrow tires, etc. The list is endless. But again, there is a problem. When the tire wears out and you want to replace it, you may find that the tire has sort of glued itself to the rim and it’s a real chore to get the tire off the rim. And then you’re going to have to clean the rim before you mount the new tire.

The best way to fix a puncture on the tread is the old fashioned way - just plug it. But for a quick fix or in an emergency, the Slime does work great. I do still use it.

I have had both of these for around 4 years, and the green hose on the COMP06 recently started to disintegrate. I haven’t been able to find just a replacement hose, so I just ordered a new COMP05 to replace it. Not sure if it was the temperature that killed the hose or if some oil or other chemical got on it.

I picked up the Slime COMP05 on the previous sale and used it to top off the tires of my car and a garden cart. What I like about it is that you can set the pressure you want (via the green ring around the pressure meter) and it’ll automatically shut off. That way I can step away from the jack hammering noise while it does its thing. The pressure meter is also reasonably close to the reading I get from my handheld pressure tester. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase.

Can someone describe which is which? There are two models at two prices, but they both seem to have the same features, and the pictures do not differentiate between the two models like they normally would.

They are captioned. You have to scroll through the pictures on the gallery to get tot the COMP05.

Unless you’re on mobile device. We currently don’t have captioning on mobile.

But to save you time:

Slime COMP06

Slime COMP05

So, looks like the only power supply source is through the 12-volt cigarette lighter for both models? Is this accurate, cause that’s lame if it is.

So you’re saying that’s supremely awesome if it is?!?!

I have the little guy with the built in light. I think that it cost me about $25 at Walmart at the time, and it came with a bottle of the Slime stuff and some silly looking green valve stem caps.

It works well, but takes awhile (about 30 seconds each) to inflate a 16" car tire from about 28 to 35 psi. I wish that it came with a 12V to AC adapter as well, but that’s asking a LOT for this price range. That said, the cigarette lighter adapter does the job.

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