Sling Media Slingbox AV

Bought one of these the last time Woot sold them and it was a great update to my Sling Tuner. And for those curious, the AV model can stream HD channels! I was just watching Discovery HD on my cellphone the other day in fact.

No, it only shows whats on the cable box (the same thing you would see if you were sitting at the TV its connected to), so only 1 thing at a time.

But in the same respect, if you have it plugged into a DVR, you can watch all your recorded shows, or even use On-Demand, etc.

I use slingbox every week. It is so nice to be in my hotel and connect to my DVR and watch shows I have recorded

This would be great. If only there was any reason for me to watch television…which there is not. Slingbox…the name fits the medium, if you get my drift… Nobody who has any brains watches television any more. That leaves brainless demographics for the networks and sports channels, and the programs reflect that.

I’'ve had this same model for over a year… it is a pretty sweet device. Good quality (not amazing but good), and I can watch it on my cellphone (moto q9c). Only downside is that to use the software on your phone it is $29.99 after a 30 day trial. Other than that, it is an excellent way to screw the cable companies out of $40 a month (that they don’t deserve). :wink:

It has no tuner. It REQUIRES a box of some sort. It has a little IR transmitter that works like your remote control to change the channels. (Meaning you cannot use it while someone is at home watching TV on that tuner)

I have one, and Im using it now. I work 3 nights a week 7p - 7a, and I have the slingbox up for all 36 hours.

I also bring the laptop in the garage to watch, while I’m tinkering on the Motorbike.

I use it all the time.

Have one, but they don’t have a client for the Nokia N800 so I don’t use it. I just use VLC to stream and mplayer to view with an old Hauppauge capture card. I wouldn’t want to pay for a client anyway, and Hava supports the N8xx.

The Slingbox A/V requires a cable box with RCA outputs (might do S-Video as well, not sure).
The Slingbox Tuner connects directly to the cable and uses its own built in tuner.
The Slingbox Solo is like a high res version of the A/V, using Component and a streams at a higher bitrate for better quality.
The Slingbox Pro is a Slingbox Solo with multiple imput sources.

Yes, and it’s really good; my son travels and can access premium cable from home anyplace his laptop can access the internet. Saves lugging movies around or downloading, which can take all night.
If I have my laptop at the office, I can watch at lunchtime (we have Comcast on demand video, so it accesses that menu of programs and movies as well) or wheneve I’m bored at an offsite location.

I have one of these things and let me tell you that it’s amazing even if you don’t travel a lot. wanna go down to your coffee shop and wanna watch tv? bring your laptop! you can’t go wrong with a slingbox. I love it!

Wow, no cable box? Just a soap box huh?


I have owned one for over a year. It is a great product. Just be sure that you have a cable box in your home to hook it up to that the family doesn’t use while you are away from home. When you change the channel with the software, it changes the channel at home. I also have it installed on my cell phone and the picture is amazing. A great feature which SlingBox fails to tell anyone is that once you install the software on your laptop, you can copy the folder it creates in your Program Files directory (about 70MB) onto a pen drive and you can then plug into any computer connected to the internet and watch your TV without any additional configuration necessary.

Nope, just an accident. Sorry about that.

i would like to use it with an xbox hooked into the other room… each get your own screen yay… even if it would still be split

what good does it do?

Will this work if you have a FiOS box?

Can I use this with the new LG Dare from Verizon?