Sling Media Slingbox AV

damn that was too fast

damn I was thinking of getting one

Damn, I blinked and this was gone.

And WOOT, can you dig up another commercial, I am really tired of Eureka already

WTF? must have had only one in stock

Speed bump?

First sucker: flagovelezpr
Speed to first woot: 0m 7.203s

Wooter to blame for sellout: flagovelezpr
Sellout time: 2:06:58 AM Central Time

Order pace: 0m 7.203s
Woot wage: $34,985.42 (revenue per hour)

Item quantity: 1

Wow, congrats flagovelezpr. Apparently, you were the only one who got it. Props to you!

Sold Out by the Time I refreshed. I need a faster 'puter :frowning:

WOW!! I have never been soooo lucky!! Thank you for the kudos!!!

I tried to do it fast…but I didn’t know I was THAT fast!!!