Sling Media SlingBox Classic

Not bad at all, no HD though.

Well no BOC. Wonder if this will work with Vista?

anyone got one of these, how are they?

I love the title of the description! Hilarious! MMM-hmmm…

About the product - I know a guy who has one and he loves it. That’s the extent of my knowledge of this item.

Good night!

Sling box sounds great and all, except my ISP has a Username and Password on my router. Wouldn’t I need port forwarding of some sort?

looks like chocolate. can i eat this?

What are these worth and have you used it?

Anything like Sling Blade?


Your TV on the road. Woopie!

I have one if these I bought a year ago xmas time. I LOVE it… Only problem is no Linux Client avilable yet… I would reccomend this to anyone…

BOOOOOOOOOO. i had one of these that was a defect. RMAd and got another defect. stay away

WoW I read the description, and still have no idea what this is or even if it’s a joke. Woot has worn me down this past woot-off.

IMO, the only slingbox worth getting is the Pro

Great great product if you do not have one. I use this all the time at work. A good connection gives you a great picture.

What do you lose versus the current model?

Why does Sling look like a chocolate bar?

Froogle says the price isn’t too bad. I bought a similar one of these and it died the next day… just a fair warning for to those springing for the refurb.


Not wii, or mac compatible. OS/2 compatible.

thank goodness the mods are back, so you all know, this was originally posted on page 4…

apparently is mac compatible. Now only wii and OS/2 (joke) compatible

And let the complaints begin!!

I have a slingbox (newer model) - I like it and as long as you have a decent broadband connection it works well for remotely watching your TV.

Have a good night all and Woot-on.