Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD

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Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Unless i am missing something I would just buy a Vulkano flow for about 100 bucks and go on sale below that often. Does the same thing. I HAVE HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH MINE.

Oh wait, that was slingbox

Sorry for my confusion…

to be fair, unlike the vulkano flow, the slingbox has better input support.

I got one for Christmas and use it everyday, best gift I ever received. I set it up at my parents and watch it from over 400 miles away in Mississippi. Watching the Cardinals and Dodgers game on it right now. Only issue I have had is with the Google TV app freezing from time to time, but on my laptop, Nexus S and HP Touchpad with Android I have no problems at all.

I haven’t figured out use for one.

I was thinking of being able to share shows I record on my dvr with people who live elsewhere… but that doesn’t clearly justify getting one.

The component inputs are the only ones worth mentioning. While the slingbox does have 2 of these, unless you have both a cable and satellite STBs, a single input is enough, so the flow would work nicely.

How well does this work with DirectTV. I have a HD DVR. Does it allow you to watch DVR shows?

This is so weird. I bought one of these TODAY! Damn. I have to have it purchased and installed by Monday before I leave town, and I can’t swing the purchase of this one until I return the one I have installed! That sucks!

Oh well, I urge everyone to buy this thing. It’s freaking amazing and works perfectly. The one huge negative I give it is that the mobile apps are $30! That’s just absurd. And there’s a different app for phones and tablets, so if you want both, that’s $60 all totaled. I don’t know how they justify that…

I used it to watch TV easily when away from home. I could watch my DVR programs while traveling. My son could watch his TV from the college dorm. I have a friend with a beach house that uses it to watch TV via their cable at home.

That’s just a few ideas. I really love it.

Can you use it to build a sling set?

It allows you to watch anything that’s plugged into it. So, yes. You just hook up the video connections, run the IR blaster to the front of the DVR, and select the model in the software. Then you can watch it anywhere, just like you were sitting in front of it.

Last regular sale: $179.99, $10 less this time

Yes, it works with Directv DVR. The only trouble I have had with mine it the power supply goes out. Covered under the warranty.

Unlike slingbox, vulkano probably has better customer support…


I just got the one I paid $216.50 for on eBay today and plan to install it at a friend house tomorrow. I dumped cable years ago and have a basic Dish Network plan for my house & RV. My friend has every channel on FIOS TV & a 35/35 internet plan (I have a pair of 7M DSL’s because FIOS isn’t in my part of town), so he’s letting me use the HD-DVR in his spare bedroom for it.

Naturally, Woot has one today a lot cheaper… I was pretty impressed with the test runs I did on a friends Slingbox, so I’d encourage everyone to try them out.

Reply to bluejester
some folks call it a sling box i call it a kaiser box

In my experiments with both DISH & FIOS TV, the setup routine lets you select your specific cable box. When you log into your Slingbox, (I use the SlingPlayer for Windows program) it will bring up an exact replica of your boxs’ remote, with the same functions and buttons.

So, yes, it will work for anything. (NOTE: The one I needed for my FIOStv HD-DVR wasn’t available, so I found a generic Motorola one and the proper IR codes from the Slingbox forums. SO-you should be able to get everything to work smoothly, but even if there is a problem it can be resolved in two hours.)

No HDMI? Read some reviews online, and this doesnt have HDMI because it’s an encrypted format with its own DRM.

Also, the app to watch this on your phone and tablet is $30!

Despite these, in for one! Been wanting to get this for some time.