Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD

I agree that the apps are overpriced. However, FWIW, the iPhone version runs just fine on the iPad. I’m unsure of non-iOS apps, but for iOS devices, just get the iPhone version.

I’ve had my Slingbox for several years and love it. The app paid for itself many times over as a means to silence the offspring, despite the stupidly high cost.

I can’t speak to what other devices might be better or cheaper. I just know I love mine. The ability to have the kids watch their shows while driving down the road is great. Being able to watch programming away from home is great. My parents being able to watch channels they don’t get is also nice. And it controls my Verizon FiOS DVRs. My Eye TV HD won’t. Perhaps other devices wouldn’t work as well, or maybe they’d work better. I just know that the Slingbox HD works very well indeed.

So I am thinking of getting this to watch some things at work. Is the viewer work computer friendly or not? Do you have to install software or can you just view right from the site?

You can view from within a browser.

I use it to watch tv on my phone from the L in Chicago. Watch it from my tablet in my bedroom while i’m falling asleep. Works perfectly as a mobile TV on wifi. The 3g signal doesn’t work quite as well but stil worth it. The only downside to slingboxes is they aren’t hackable. I think my sister paid 279 when she bought this for me a few years ago, looks like it has held its value pretty well.

For people with DTV that have composite and not component out. It’s kind of annoying to use composite on the DTV box because it won’t output the guide or any of the on screen stuff to composite out. Instead it displays a message while the guide/bar is on and you won’t see the show until the guide/bar is off the screen. Kind of annoying but it still works. With my tablet running slingbox I use an application on my phone called “DIRECTV remote” which will allow you to put in your favorite channels, will tell you what is on, and show you a picture of the remote which you can use just like the physical remote. Basically I use my android phone to control what is on my android tablet running sling box when I am going to bed.

They used to have software to install but now it’s all done through your browser. As long as your work doesn’t have streaming blocked, you should be fine.

WooT woot
Have 2 of these in the house, prior to these I had used just about every other method to watch tv on the go or through the Internet. Slingbox has by far exceeded everything in my opinion.
I use them not only on my iPad and iPhone but I also download the free desktop app and stream HD content to other rooms in the house without the need for another cable box. Saves me the cost of renting that equipment from the cable company.
If you don’t want to download the desktop app you can always just go to the sling website and watch through your browser from anywhere too.
FYI if your connected box is a DVR you will have full access to all of your recorded content, and can easily set your DVR to record while away as well.
Just when I thought this thing couldn’t get any better??? The last iPad update??? Blew me away they added everything I was looking for. Little things like a simpler remote, continuing to watch what’s on when you pull up the guide, it seems to load faster. I can go on but I won’t.
I’ve used my slings to stream content other than tv as well.
This is a good price, I purchased mine for 229.99 and 239.99 and that was nearly 2 years ago. So to see it at 169.99 if I needed another I wouldn’t hesitate regardless of the refurb tag.

Realy my experience with HAVA SUCKED big time.

No updates stuff doesnt even work out of the box. very disappointing

For mobile use on a tablet or phone Vulkano flow seems like the better deal. Benefits of HD are diminished on small screens. Picked one up new from Microcenter for $70 when it was on sale and it works great with DirecTV on my iPad and android phone. Regular price for a new one is $100 or less.

Been considering getting one for a while but i’m worried about the cables.

I have Cablevision’s box hooked up to my tv via HDMI.

If this doesn’t have HDMI how do you configure it so I can continue to watch at home and then if I go out, on my cell or pc?

Has anyone used this with Windows Media Center? I’m thinking of connecting my HTPC to one of these, so I can remotely access my media center stuff and digital cable (from a cablecard tuner). I’m mostly wondering how well the IR blasters work for WMC.

I love my Slingbox Classic (bought from Woot years ago), and it works great for analog cable at my mother’s house. I could leave it there and buy a PRO-HD for myself.

I, too, can use the Android phone version on my Android tablet with no issues.

I get a lot of use out of it.

You need to have the ability to connect the slingbox to internet nearby or you are going to need a slinglink. i have a slingbox and do love it and the app was well worth it. i have a slinglink new in box if someone is interested.

Does this work on a 220 volt circuit (international)? Appreciate the help.

You can also use most wifi routers set up to receive and pass the signal out through their Ethernet ports. I do this with an AirPort Express. I think most cheaper routers can do the same (assuming you have a wifi signal already).

The SlingLinks can be hit or miss due to using the power wiring in your place as opposed to wifi. In same cases they work better than wifi and in some cases worse.

The fact that the Vulcano has built in wifi was the main reason I went with it. It’s connected to the cable box in my third floor bedroom with the router downstairs. Connects with no problem.
Plus it was only $99. Not HD but still a very good picture.

Can you access the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD from anywhere in the world (does sling only allow you to access in the USA)?

I couldn’t agree more with schardt12. I got a Vulkano Flow, works beautifully, has great picture clarity on my iPhone & iPad (one time app fee of $13)!

You can watch anywhere you have an Internet connection. I regularly watch a Slingbox in Michigan from Germany. No issues other than the streaming is of course real-time. Prime time television comes on here in the middle of the night. Need to use a DVR to get around that to time shift as well as place shift.

Forgot to add, the wifi on the Flow is also a winner. I didn’t have a wired connection nearby, so no Slingbox option. As I said, great streaming picture, over wifi with the Flow. Customer service is great from Vulkano too.

Absolutely refuse to touch these after they bricked mine with an update and refused to fix it!
Vulkano Monsoon the way to go-you can record and free app for Android & Apple.