Slingbox 350

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Slingbox 350
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4.4 Stars over at Best Buy

No HDMI? Pass.

Check out this four star review over at Cnet

Will the Slingbox 350 act as a digital tuner so you can hook up a coax cable from my roof antenna to receive local, over-the-air stations?

Why would you need an HDMI input?

Chromecast compatible?

No. You would need an earlier version like the 300 series. Here is a YouTube video of the 350:

Component video is needed by the Slingbox for input from my Time Warner Cisco HD-DVR, but I use HDMI output to my HDTV. In the past I tried to connect both component video and HDMI output at the same time to connect the HD-DVR to two TVs at the same time, but apparently with HDMI connected it disables the component video output. So I don’t see how the Slingbox would work with HDMI connected to my HDTV, unless I unplugged the HDMI cable whenever I wanted to use the Slingbox?
Also I read you need 3.5Mpbs+ upload speed on your cable internet connection to get HD video, where TWC standard internet (15Mbs dl) only gives 1Mbps upload speed and even their Turbo speed only gives 2Mbps upload speed. Looks like I would need to upgrade to a more expensive Extreme internet package (30Mpbs+ dl) to get a 5Mbps upload speed from them.

I believe it has HDMI, but i don’t have one so i’m not sure, i just watched this review


There’s NO hdmi port on this version. The pictures are actually right! And I own one of these.

You connect the slingbox in line with your receiver and tv. Component cables go from your cable box receiver, to the slingbox, then another set of component cables goes from the slingbox to the tv. You’re right that it wouldn’t work if you wanted to connect via hdmi.

Is it possible to record video on a computer from the Slingbox? (Video source would be from a Roku 3 or WD LIVE TV.)

Yeah, I’m wanting to know this too.

only just have a cable box

Sort of. There is no built in capability in their ad-laden players, but if you use something like Fraps to capture it, yes. But the files will be huge unless you recompress them.

Sooo I’m just going to say, while it works, they’ve started injecting video ads in to the web based player. They also have banner ads all over both the web player and the stand alone software player… I have the sling m1, and the player looks like:

Also… So there could be an additional $14.99 up to $29.98

Don’t forget the $14.99 for the iOS SlingPlayer for iPad

And if you want to watch it on your iPhone and iPad then the iPhone has it’s own separate app for… SlingPlayer for iPhone

Or you can maybe give Sling box for iPad & iPhone - Player for your favourite channels a try at $9.99:

You may wish to check out the most helpful review for this product on the mothership (Amazon) which is also a one star review.

I will pass…