Slingbox 500 / SlingTV


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Slingbox 500 / SlingTV
Price: $179.99
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Is that really what Slingboxes look like now? I have a much older one that still works well for me. Good if you’re on the road much and want to watch your cable channels or what not.

I respect my sleep too much to check Woot at 9:26am to see if they’re going to do anything special, but I wonder if they will.


So If I use a sling box can I watch a separate channel in my room while someone else is watching a different channel say in living room?


No, you see whatever is on the TV screen - or what would be on the TV screen if the TV was on and on the input you are watching from the sling box.

Your TV could be on Input 2 (say an X-Box) and someone could be watching Cable TV on the Slingbox if Cable TV was Input 1.

But not two different cable channels at the same time.

The best way to use slingbox is to hook it up to a seldom used TV. When you are away from home you can access your home cable/DTV/DVR. The reason I said a seldom used TV is tht you can remotely switch the channels. Great for college kids.

Does this come with all the required cables? On Amazon it looks like buyers purchased additional cables. Also, is a tv required to run this or can it be directly connected to a cable box? Thanks.

These are tricky to get working with many cable setups because of copyright protection in HDMI signals. Buyer beware.

Who sat on my Slingbox ?

Woot is really slipping. The specs don’t even show what inputs it has. It has HDMI, composite and component. The last two share an audio input.

Slingbox 500 / SlingTV
Sling TV is a streaming service now being offered by Dish TV.
Is this device related to that service.

No relation

This is a great price for a Slingbox 500. I paid $300 for mine and it was worth every penny. I wish this deal had been available when I was buying mine. I have it hooked up to the TV in our guest room, and as long as I have high speed Internet access I can watch my beloved Red Sox anywhere in the world!

That has to be one of the most stupid designs I’ve ever seen.

Agreed! And Sony does the same thing with their Blu-Ray players… I think they do it so that nothing gets stacked on top. But that is only a guess.