Slingbox 500 / SlingTV

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Slingbox 500 / SlingTV
Price: $139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 04 to Tuesday, Jan 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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TONS of reviews over on the product page

500+ Reviews and 4.4 Stars over at Best Buy

Ads are killing this deal for me. Just check the reviews at Amazon

I was about to buy one, didn’t really care about the ads, but when I started reading more of the poor reviews on Amazon they were almost all about the Refurbished versions being DOA and other problems making it clear they were just repackaged and not truly refurbished. Shame. I was one of Sling’s first customers, what a difference a decade makes.

I bought the 350 from Woot (refurbished). I had no problem.

Apparently at some point they changed the 500 and changed the power adapter a some people who got refurbished units had the wrong power adapter in the box so they couldn’t use them.

Can someone explain to me me “What are Sling TV ads”? I have never heard of them and don’t want ads on top of ads. Also can you watch your cable box DVR though this? THANKS so much!

When you load the client app player (on your PC is the worst) the extra space is taken up by ads similar to like adware. Its annoying but going full screen hides them. The PC client has a lot of bloatware and the mobile apps are getting clunkier, but I love my sling still.

i am on day three of free 14 day trial on sling. it appears to be regular tv with ads as if watching cable etc. I got mine thru roku player so no charge and i looked at sling web site where you can get a roku from them for free.
you get basic pkg for $20 and then you can pay for extra channels such as hbo showtime
i gave up sat tv because of cost along time ago but this gives me back what i was missing at low cost so far i am happy hope that helps

You are talking about Sling Television. Item here is a Sling Box. 2 very different yet similarly named items. Feel free to insert “Who’s on First” routine here…

The item title is “Slingbox SB500-100 SlingTV by Sling Media” (emphasis added) and the item features use the word “SlingTV” constantly. If you read the Amazon description, the word “SlingTV” is never used. I think the description here on woot is an outdated product description (I searched for the phrase “You’ll be able to see each and every channel you have available on your television via SlingTV” on Google and got many, many hits) and Sling Media has updated the product description of this item to remove the phrase SlingTV to try to avoid confusion. This product has no connection to the SlingTV service provided by Sling Media.