Slingbox 500 / SlingTV

So, let’s see if the guys at Woot! have the guts to leave this up. I checked the reviews for this Slingbox on Amazon. Yes, the reviews for the refurb Slingbox. (It is $35 more on Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime customer because you must pay $5 for shipping on Woot!)

This Slingbox – ALL Slingboxes, apparently – are now infested with ads. No way to shut them off.

The Slingbox ads pop up randomly without regard for what you are watching. Did you miss that touchdown because of an ad? Maybe the TD will be re-played several times and you can still catch it. Good luck with that! But there probably won’t be a replay on the startling conclusion twist to a movie you have just watched for 2+ hours. And then missed – the conclusion twist, that is – because of an ad.

I. Don’t. Think. So.

Why would we take your post down? We’ve always let wooters post reviews and opinions whether positive or not. This is reasonable information for a consumer to have prior to purchase.

A quick Google showed that they’re going the way of many other streaming companies and offering a paid add-free version.