Slingbox SOLO and SlingLink TURBO 4-Port Powerline Bundle

Refurb, huh? How do I know that it hasn’t been slung against a wall?

Can you still control the tv it’s connected to?

seems like a lot of money just to play slingo…

Amazon price on slingbox solo alone.

Seems pretty amazing, all the stuff it does. But do I have to have a ticket to get on the SS Botany Bay? Just don’t stick one of those beetle things in my ear, okay?

A new SlingBox SOLO by itself costs this price – $179.99.

A new SlingBox TURBO “4-Port Powerline” costs $149.99.

So, it’s a great bundle if you think a 4-port hub that lets you run Ethernet across the power line for $149.99 is about the right MSRP. In that case, you’re getting mega savings.

CRAP!!! Guess what I just bought last week???

Slingbox solo is a neat little device. Have it hooked to my Directv receiver and watch it on my Droid X. Very cool!!

Some folks call it a Slingbox, I call it a Kaiserbox.

Can someone explain why I need two of these devices?


I have a slingbox and LOVE it. It might not be a perfect fit for everyone, but it works great for my situation. I have a directtv DVR at my home base and have a vacation house that only has crappy cable. I am able to watch all my recorded DVR shows remotely and the quality is great.

I’m a little confused about why you would want to connect it to your gaming console. The info says it does, but what does that get you that a regular remote or wireless controller wouldn’t?

For another option…I have one of these, and am happy with it…

Your lack of HD disturbs me. Website here.

many gaming consoles, like the PS3 and Wii, stream content like movies and TV shows now.

I have two SlingBox devices. Love them! I use them to watch my satellite TV with my phone. I also have three surveillance cameras that I can switch to, to keep an eye on my house.

Would love this offer if it did not include the Powerline bundle and were a lower price. Oh well…

Product Website

SlingLink TURBO

Hm. Half of the photos clearly show the “Sling” logo, but the others all say “Guils.” What’s up with that?

Slingbox Solos have a history of going down because of bad capacitors. If you’re good with a soldering iron, ffour bucks worth of components, and you’re back in action. (I repaired my 18 month old refurbed Slingbox last weekend and brought it back to life.) If you’re not handy, Slingbox’s customer service is okay as long as the warranty lasts. After that, its teh suck. You have to pony up $30 just to get them to listen to your complaint.

Also, there are reports that there may be issues using the thirty dollar Slingbox software for anything other than the 4G. My partner has a 3GS upgraded to the newest firmware and it seems to work okay, though. Luck of the draw? It works fine on my Evo, but the interface isn’t as pretty as the iPhone version.

A few other little quirks that might not have been noticed: You can only watch through one remote device at a time. If you’re watching in Dallas and your partner in Seattle wants to watch too, one of you is going to have to bail.

Also, this will control ONE component. It’s not designed to switch back and forth between, say, cable and DVD. Not an issue in my case, but others may find that annoying.

All in all, the slingbox is a great little toy. I use it a lot.