Slingbox SOLO Bundle

Not to be confused with the Drake YOLO Bundle.

Here is a long video covering almost everything you need [youtube=OJoZHkZJjpI][/youtube]

do we know if they have addresses the customer support complaints that have plagued this product since day 1? From what I’ve read and been told from folks that have it, it would be easier to teach a zombie Japanese than get support from anyone that works there.

Wondering what the Turbo boxes do exactly? We have our wi-fi router in a different room than our entertainment center, are these like boosters? Can you be, say, in the back yard on the deck and watch on the iPad? My DH has an office in an outbuilding and our wi-fi does reach his office from our kitchen well enough for him to work from home. Would he be able to watch our TV/DVR out there with these?

It’s an Ethernet over power line adapter.

They’re really cool. They give you an Ethernet connection in other parts of your house without having to bridge routers.

I have one end in my office downstairs here connected to the router. Then I have one in my living room next to the TV.

I now have Ethernet ports right next to my TV for the Slingbox, Roku, DVR, etc.

It all goes through your house wiring.

Ok, that seems to make sense. This looks like a great deal then at the prices I saw on Amazon. Hubby’s birthday is coming up and when I asked him about getting a ROKU player he said what he really wanted was to be able to watch our DVR and TV out in his office or on the ipad. Might have to invest. I’ll sleep on it and if it’s still there in the morning I’ll go for it.

Keep in mind that the iPad app required to access the Slingbox is not free – currently it’s $29.99.

What Android apps work best with this for viewing on my smartphone or is it a direct IP address that I have to enter on it’s browser…Still a little confused on how it works…

You need to purchase the SlingPlayer app to watch from it.


If you do buy this, see the link I provided on how to fix the bad capacitor- after about a year of use. I just pitched it and bought a vulkano instead.

WARNING: This model does not stream in HD even though it has HD inputs. It will only stream in Standard Definition, same as 1st gen Slingboxes from almost 7 years ago.

I have the Sling ADAPTER to use with my DISH network, and the homeport thingy that uses the house wiring to get a signal. I watch my live tv or my DVR, upstairs where I have no tv, or 90 miles away at another house, or 300 mi. away in a hotel room. It is SD quality, sometimes a bit iffy. But if it’s a matter of no cable tv available, or must-see-my-show… it works well. My adapter died a few weeks ago, and DIsh sent a replacement right away. I got no complaints.

This is a great deal. If you bought this from Slingbox, you would pay almost $280. It would have been nice if it had a longer warranty. I have the original slingbox and it works well. I am wondering if this is really an upgrade from the original.

The only way this is an upgrade over the original model is that it is compatible with devices like the Logitech Revue, Boxee Box, and the WD Live Media Player.

I always feel bad for techwoot, you keep leaving it out of wootoffs like you try to leave the red headed stepchild home on a family vacation. Poor tech can’t help being the baby :frowning:

People still talk about these like there’s a problem but I bought mine from Woot in September of 2010 and it’s been plugged in and working great since I got it.

There are two Android apps – one for phones and one for tablets. Each is $30. I bought the one for phones and it works just fine on all of my tablets using all versions of Android. If you have both phones and tablets and you’re willing to use the lower resolution, buy the phone version and you should be able to download and use it on anything.

Just don’t have enough stuff yet to do a woot-off. Tech will probably be part of the woot-off before too long though.

I have wondered if the original would work with those devices because the orignal is not supported with the Ipad app, but it does work.

I have a Slingbox HD, so I won’t be much help regarding a review of these SOLO devices (I’ve had mine forever with zero capacitor issues, though my first AC adapter did die on me). However, I do want to comment on the SlingLink adapters. I HATE THEM. That said, I’ll give you some background. I had the first generation SlingLinks that I bought shortly after receiving my Slingbox HD as a Christmas gift. They worked for about a year and a half, just long enough to wear out the warranty. I haven’t yet figured out what is wrong, but I suspect something like the capacitor issue with the SOLO boxes. I can connect with them and get IP addresses at the destination, but no throughput. The boxes on both ends get extremely hot. I absolutely CANNOT recommend the SlingLink product. Their customer service was a joke (non-existent), and it seemed like I wasn’t even there or my problem didn’t matter.