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**Item: **Slingbox SOLO Media Streamer
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Not so good review from Best Buy


These are great while they work, but die after about a year due to cheap capacitors they used. Extremely common for these. Happened twice to me. These are probably made from all the warranty returns. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I own this particular model and have no real complaints, it does what it says it does and it seems to do it well. My main problem with this product is the mobile app. I paid $150 for this and the android app on the market cost $25 dollars. It is free to stream to a laptop, but after paying that amount then wanting 25 to stream to my phone and 25 more to stream to my tablet for the “tablet optimized” app I find that a ridiculous amount for these apps. I kind of expected them to be free or at least affordable. If I would have known that. I can’t say that I would recommend this to a friend or buy again.

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Check out this “excellent” review over at

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My problem with these is they have no built in or USB WiFi support

And I have DISH which should be most compatible as the own SLING now and built into their high end receivers.

But just not practical to get hard wire Ethernet from DSL/router location to TV Sat Rx

The other down side is the receiving device software… it is $30 per device not owner.

The slingbox they have at work has died twice in 6 months.

“some folks call it a kaiser box but I call it a sling box”

Bought mine almost 2 years ago and it’s still going like a champion. It is used almost daily for many hours at a time. The $30 price tag for the app is a steep but I’d much rather pay the one time rather than a monthly fee. I’m able to use the phone app on my xoom as well. Best thing I’ve ever bought from woot!

If you can’t get CAT5/6 to the box, get a wireless bridge. They are a dime a dozen and solves your problem. I have one on my Blu-ray player and never had any issues.

I have had my solo for over 2 years, running all the time and have had ZERO issues with it. Regarding the comments about the price of the smartphone/tablet apps, though I agree that it seems steep, I can speak for Android app and paid 1 fee once… I have the app loaded on three smartphones and a tablet. (Not sure if crApple iTunes charges you for having it on multiple devices or types of devices, so please note that I can only validate on Android devices.)

I was tempted to get the HD version of the Slingbox, but have heard the experience can be shaky at best due to encryption that some cable providers have on the HDMI port. I stuck with the Solo and have yet to be let down.

Any way to receive a stream from sling box on a conventional T.V.?

Even using the same google play account??

Can I watch one program on the road while somebody is watching a different one at home using the same cable box? Or do we both have to have the same program running?

I’ve been using a Slingbox for a long time. Purchased both from woot! It works great for sending TV from my tivo box to any computer on my network plus to my android phone while I’m traveling away from home.

The only problem I’ve had is with the ac adapter failing after a couple years. It fails to a point you can still see the LED lights on the front of the slingbox, but the slingbox won’t power up. It’s a cheap fix to replace, and the unit has worked flawlessly since.

I use this each and every day. Love it.

You can also plug in a video camera and use the Slingbox as a remote home monitoring device.