Slingbox SOLO Media Streamer

**Item: **Slingbox SOLO Media Streamer
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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OK reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Read (and watch) this “excellent” review over at

I will add my usual comment that the capacitors in these are cheap and die in about a year, unless they “refurbished” these with better capacitors from people who sent in blown out units. Not a bad price though, even for an old model.

bought a solo a year ago to stream tv halfway across the world… It’s been working without a glitch so far (apart from a blown cap, easily replaced). One thing i hate is that the mobile device players are 15 bucks each. That aside, streaming quality is pretty good, even for SD.

I guess I must be lucky (knock on cyberwood). I purchased my Slingbox SOLO back in 2008 and it’s been working like a champ, although the power supply did take a dump about a year ago and I substituted it with a cheap aftermarket a/c adapter which fortunately works fine. I’m picking up one of these as a spare. Thanks woot!

I’ve had my Slingbox for over five years. Has never failed…works great.

SquareTrade warranty worth it? $8.99 for a year or $13.49 for two?

I’ve had this model for a couple years now. I tried to “be good” and not get the latest greatest (at that time, was the HD model). I don’t mind the picture quality on my phone, but the one thing that drives me nuts is the aspect ratio. Since this is hooked up to an HD tv, the cable guide menus get chopped off on the sides. I wish I’d sprung for the better one so that would not happen. Other than that one pet peeve, I love this thing, although be prepared to spend another $30 for the app to watch on a phone or tablet.

Is this model compatible with Sling’s Android and iOS apps? I recall one of their oldest models doesn’t / used to not stream onto mobile devices, but I don’t remember which one is it.

Does anybody know what voltage this will work on. I’d like to send it to the uk and watch from USA. I have one over there but the quality is poor. Does this unit work with UK tv sources (sky).

That is weird, I’ve never had that issue. Works perfectly fine with my HDTV and Cox digital DVR. And the app is $14.99, not $30.

Yes, it works fine with the Android app on my tablet.

Why are there component outputs if it is only in SD?

They were $20 MORE on Woot only 2 months ago. I bought one then :frowning:

They function as a passthrough to the TV if you need it. Streaming to other devices is only in SD, but the passthrough to a connected HDTV would be in HD.

Bought one of these…and a $20 Belkin wireless bridge so that I could connect wirelessly. Worked like a charm and was a breeze to set up. Now I have the functioning of the $300 model (albeit without HD) at a fraction of the price. Works on both my android phone and tablet. One nice little feature is…after I got the software for my tablet. I was able to install the software on my Android stick computer I have connected to another TV at no additional cost Bonus! Now I take my cable tv anywhere I go. Looking forward to having it for my trip to California. Staying with relatives for 2 weeks. I will have the added comfort of my own TV whenever I want.

What model of “Android stick computer” you are using? Thx.

Anyone want to let me login to their slingbox to check it out? Also in your experience how much upload bandwith do you need to get a decent picture?

Eric found manual. It says 100 – 240V. He’s adding it to the specs.