Slingbox Solo

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Slingbox Solo
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sling Media SB260-100 Slingbox Solo Network Media Player

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killer already? bummer

wootoff eh

I haven’t got a clue on how to get this thing to work. I bought it last time is was offered. two weeks ago?

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manual and stuff here


refurb froogled

Love me some woot! But another Wootoff so soon after another Wootoff? Any relation to the performance of the Texas Rangers who happen to be pretty close to Carrollton, Texas? I’ve essentially been up since last Friday and now your asking me to follow Baseball and a Wootoff?!?
Go Texas Rangers!

this is the dumbest way to start a woot-off. we’ll sit on this till the afternoon. or…is it the smartest way to start? woot clears their inventory with the hard-to-move item because people buy it just so they can see what’s next….hint hint. buy this so i can see what’s next.

Dear Woot,

today has been the day from hell…

the flashing lights made it all better…

What a dick move by woot
I bought mine from them a few days ago

Ya got me, Woot. I really wanted the Pro HD, but for this price, I’ll try the Solo first, and upgrade later.

Will this work with my Sansa?

I really wanted to go to sleep. These things are 189 new not bad.

it’s price is 499$ in emazon!!!

Oddly enough I bought one of these here the other day and it arrived today. Got it set up a couple of hours ago and can watch anything via my DVR on my iPhone. I’m pleased.

completely a unnecessary item…

note of a computer engineer.

Beware the bad capacitors!! You have been warned.

I haven’t hardly been to woot in ages. Happened to catch the wootoff tonight.

Turns out a player is available for my Droid X. So yeah, I bought one.


oh how I wish slingbox would sell out quickly… Thanks!

what’s wrong wootbot longhorns? is my above post unworthy of “quality post” status with its truth speaking?