SlingLink TURBO 4-Port Powerline Kit

122.84 at Amazon.

Again? We had these this morning…

Yeah, and I have a high speed wireless bridge I got for my Slingbox for $40. @#$%@ Sling ripoff.

what did i miss ,. i slept for 4 hours

Do these even work? I have not tried these.

Ok, just so I’m clear… I can use this as a router for a device other than a slingbox, to connect my DSL modem upstairs with a internet-compatible DVD player or Xbox downstairs (Because downstairs is where the GOOD TV is located)…through the house wiring? I assume grounded outlets are necessary?

If your neighbors have one of these, will it still work properly?

Not much sir.
Houdini Rescue kit.
2 sets Buckyballs
Portable espresso maker
5 bucks thermos
and a slingbox

My tracker is saying we have several hundred of these… And about a 16 hour wait…

Don’t get this POS. Get this:

Even cheaper than what I paid for it. Works beautifully, especially with an 802.11n wireless network.

what a bunch of crap. back to sleep … i need a 42 inch… thank you sir… ps west coast time

Only 1 on ebay

Update… it’s now 6 hours! Yay

Good. It’s time for me to get the heck out of here and go home. Hopefully my mystery box will wait another 45 minutes.

So this isn’t a Sling box, but a router for internet over home electrical wiring. What other devices are setup to use ip over home wiring out of the box other than sling box?

Woot, you suck for selling such crap downers during your Wootoff!

whoah, seriously? there’s a thousand of these? a THOUSAND?! there’s supposed to be a THOUSAND people out there with slingboxes just waiting around on woot for one of these? jesus. i’m out.

I don’t have a wireless router, though. I’m looking for a completely wired network, using the house wiring to get from an upstairs bedroom to the downstairs TV room.

But what if everyone buys 3? Then you only have to wait for 333.33333333 people.