SlingLink TURBO 4-Port Powerline Kit

How long ago,did u see this item post? Within the last couple hours or?



I’m actually considering getting this for my Dad. He has an IPTV box downstairs and the N Wireless Bride is getting too much interference to get a good signal there from the wireless router in his office upstairs. Going to have to do some quick research :slight_smile:

This seems like a nice solutions rather than running Ethernet cable through the house.

Any Thoughts?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that after WOOT was purchased by Amazon the items they sell is mostly stuff for the junk drawer?

I’m a person without a sling box due to the fact that my internet provider prohibits my bandwith, so I have to use what I have without being punished. But, Alas, could there be another purpose to this device… or hence it’s simply Crap. Is a Sling by any other name a Sling?

Where do you find that?

So if you’re not supposed to use a surge protector…what happens when you get a power surge? Do you lose whatever is connected? xbox…tv…DVR…bluray…etc? I really want one but not for slingbox…just because our connection in the basement sucks and can’t move the router without re-wiring the house… Any thoughts on ways to protect the electrical items you have this connected to?

Hey is working for anyone right now? It locked up for me yesterday afternoon and never came back. Now I can’t even get to the main page, much less the tracker, as it’s timing out altogether.

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I am through with this regurgitated junk. What a sorry Wootoff.

It’s DejaWoot! They had this yesterday…

Probably isolates the signal to the surge protector, doesn’t allow it to pass into the home wiring, defeating the purpose of the device. I haven’t had much luck with these types of devices. There is probably something flaky with my wiring, but who knows.

Yous should have a whole-house surge protection at your breaker panel. Much more effective.

um, look on the blog

Think about this one:

One can live life to the fullest and not even Woot. ~unknown

TWO and 1/2 more hours of this???

'cause i saw people asking, i use wootalyzer to track and check for an estimate of the number of items

Is it better to Woot, than not to have ever Wooted at all? ~Unknown

So much for “SOLD OUT”. I’ve seen items repeated during woot offs before. woot lies to us!!

You may be able to use an instant cutoff type protector, sort of like a GFCI outlet. Instead of draining the surge through the ground wire, it just cuts the whole circuit off in a small fraction of a second. But I don’t know this for a fact.

From the Woots by state map, it looks like the east coast is waking up.

As well as people in Colorado, who I swear buy everything.

Yepp. At about 9am-2pm during the woot-off yesterday.