SlingLink TURBO 4-Port Powerline Kit

I am pretty sure that only the sling needs to be plugged directly in to an power outlet and you would still use a surge protector for your other electronics.

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Right but if a surge comes down the ethernet wire…you’re screwed. I guess that’s kinda how it is anyway though. I don’t run my ethernet thru a surge. But at least the “normal” way the ethernet isn’t hardwired to the power circuit. Maybe I’m just too ignorant.

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I’ve been doing some searching, and if price isn’t your primary consideration, the Belkin Powerline AV adapter system is probably better than this if you want to connect devices other than Slingboxes (and maybe even if you want to connect Slingboxes). As for protecting from surges in the ethernet, your best bet is to use a UPS or power conditioner with RJ45 ethernet ports on it. It does cost about twice as much as this setup, though.

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Well, it was a set yesterday with the Slingbox so not exactly the same.

I bought the set when it first came up a while back. I use the PowerLine thing in my son’s room to get him ethernet Internet because he’s a dead zone of the wireless router – even with a bridged router upstairs.

Bought one of these a couple months ago on sellout.woot I believe. It worked great on the TV on the same floor level. However, when moved to the basement TV, got limited connectivity. Ended up hardwiring network cable from basement to router. I like my slingbox…slinglink, not so much.

Powerline IP devices do not require a surge suppressor because all of them have suppressors in them. The suppressor is designed to supress a surge not arrest a surge, which is the same thing your surge protector will do.

Any device that can plug into a standard RJ-45 jack can use powerline routers to operate, it isn’t restricted to a specific device. The routers handle communication over a split frequency on the cooper in your home. The link speed and reliability is dependent on your homes wiring.

I use the linksys PLK300 series and they work quite well for extended service into areas that I would need a repeater for otherwise.