Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
$89.99 $162.00 44% off List Price
2013 Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Calling Fred! Come in, Fred!

I know he is going to jump on this offer, he’s been waiting for it. Has been awhile since we’ve seen the Slingshot Cab although WD teased us with their Sauv Blanc recently.

Have seen others sing the QPR praises of this wine as well and told myself that if it came up again I would be in (and I actually went “off-woot” to grab a couple bottles of a previous vintage). Haven’t seen the 2013 before but based on reputation alone…

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Wow! I was worried this wouldn’t be offered again! It’s been a year since last time!

Looks like the 6-pack is up $10 (was without shipping before, but getting multiples is still going to be a lot more now)

I think I’m still in for a couple… This stuff is an excellent daily drinker. My notes for the 2011 vint. Basically read: Really nice balance with plum and dark fruit. Medium-full with medium tannins. Smooths out with just a little air. At $15 there is still good value here. I wouldn’t pay too much more.

Edit: In for 3

I’m definitly in, auto buy for me, I just saw this wine at Total wine for $23 last saturday, now is it 2 or 3??

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I’m a big fan of slingshot cab and have been waiting for it’s return. Picked up 2 to make it a case.

Glad you saw the offer. I had been waiting on it myself based on some of your previous comments. It was one of those wines that I seemed to always consider buying but just didn’t pull the trigger for some reason. Mistake corrected. :slight_smile:

Can you describe what you like about this wine so much?

I’ve been pretty disappointed in Napa Cabs at this price point and have a ton of Cameron Hughes-deal-of-the-century-Napa-cab that is barely worth the $15-20 that I paid.

I’ve found that I get much more for my $ with Cabernet( or cab blends) when buying outside of Napa or Sonoma.

Ya thanks
a very good QPR also. Now my 200 bottle rack is overflowing.

I’ve had similar disappointment with napa cabs at this price point, but this wine is different.
Honestly, I haven’t had any in a year because what I bought was used up quick! I’m sure some have a different opinion, but in my opinion: this is nothing mind-blowing and it’s not super complex or bold, but what you get (at least from the older vintages) is an incredibly balanced wine at this price point. If you were buying at the store, you’d expect a bottle to cost $25+ and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it higher. While I said it wasn’t super complex, there are still layers that are nice to sit down and analyze… and it’s a crowd-pleaser. Some of my friends who dislike some of my wine choices have loved this wine. There just aren’t any negatives I could really find with it. It’s a wine you can count on. Totally enjoyable with great flavor and nothing that really faults it.

Now, I’ll be bummed if this vintage doesn’t meet older expectations.

I’m thinking name and label. Kinda like the ToolBox line.
Perhaps the look does play a part, at least it seems to for me.
Ardente, Gazzi; not the best label, but the juice is right there.

I was less enthusiastic about the case of this I got last time. Really underwhelmed by the taste, seemed overly tart.

Thanks Fred. Haven’t gone wrong yet with your recommendation on a daily drinker.

In for one.
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Woot staff should craft a Fred approved label akin to the black tie buy graphic.

That would be awesome.

I’ll forward on your idea to the Woot Staffians.

Thanks cortot :slight_smile:

Love you Fred!

2 questions to my fellow wooters:

Do you love grilled Beef?

Do you love a good red wine with grilled Beef?

If the answer is yes to both, please buy this wine. I just finished grilled carne asada tacos with this wine, and promptly bought a case.

apologize for any typos, as I’m totally in the moment of beef and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Same vintage?

Great question. I drank the 2011, but willing to buy the 2013 and let it sit a while.