Slingshot Napa Cab Sauvignon Random (6)

Haven’t seen Fred around lately.
Wondering if he’s still around to stock up on these…

Slingshot Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Random 6-Pack
Sold by: Stewart Cellars
$69.99 $144.00 51% off List Price
2006 Slingshot Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Slingshot Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

I came across this thing the other day.. Kinda funny, men recreating women’s pics and selfies.

BUT! Look at pic #8. I recognized it immediately and here it is today!

Memory is fading. Who was in the other tub shot that was so disgusting?

The guy? No idea.

The wine? Looks like this.

SLINGSHOT in the shot…luv it!

Pretty much an auto-buy :blush:

Why won’t this ship to NJ this time? It has in the past.

No one has any comments as to whether this wine is any good? Has anyone had this before?

I ask because Cabernet Sauvignon is one of those varietals that seems to require easily $20 if not $30+ to get a good bottle.

Decided to go for this on limited info. The winemaker seems to provide quality wines at a decent price and the vintages are very good.

Gus. It was Gus, with Phat Goose (with apologies for thread creep).

Just checking. Have purchased this in the past and Iowa is generally a ship to state. Possibility of error ?

Any confirmation that there will in fact be a mix? I’d liek to try them side by side and just don’t want to cance all 06 or all 12.


Unfortunately, Iowa is not available to ship for this offer.

Shipping states will vary on an offer-to-offer basis depending on the licenses (and types of licenses) that each individual winery carries. Generally, though, most wineries do carry permits for Iowa, so please check back for future offers.

I’m intrigued by this offer simply because of the older bottles. Typically cheaper California wines don’t age all that gracefully, I’m not sure that an 11 year old slingshot is still a solid wine. Has anyone had an older slingshot cab and can they provide some thoughts here?

Sorry. Shipping will vary from sale to sale based on permit renewals and other legal nonsense.

yes, you will at least get one of each (probably more).

wish i had more…