Slingshot Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (6)



Slingshot 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
2010 Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offer:


seems to have gone up $5 for the 6 since May.


Anyone in the Baltimore area interested in splitting the six?


It got better since May.


One of my favorite comments of all time…

fredrinaldi said r.e the March offering of this juice:

“woot gods, you guys are killing me the last few weeks, all this great Cab, My Brother in law took a look in my “wine storage room” last weekend and said “Dude you need help””

You’re not alone…:slight_smile:


By “help” he meant help drinking it.


My wife loves Cab; in for two. Back to the basement to find room…


Actually, both meanings apply :slight_smile:


OMG* I have a cult following, Just ordered another 100 bottle wine rack, I DO NEED HELP :slight_smile:


You made me laugh so hard I almost spit out my wine…almost. Already bought, but what do you remember of this?


I remember enough to buy another :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s good enough for me!