Slingshot Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Slingshot Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$64.99 $120.00 46% off List Price
2013 Slingshot Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
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The Slingshot Cab has gotten high praise as a daily drinker from Cab-lover “Red Said Fred”.
If their Sauv Blanc offers similar value then it’s a great QPR play.

Dry or Sweet?
Stainless - barrel?

Oh and the label, although cute, was shot in the back to make that hole.

I also wish there were more info about the wine, particularly the oak/stainless distinction. There are so many games being played in wine production these days that it risks coming off as suspicious when winemakers do not disclose details (assuming you trust the details). This is only a $15 bottle direct from the vineyard, which means it’s probably only a ~$11-12 bottle retail. So while this isn’t a screaming deal, I’d still be in for 1-2 if I knew more…

Unfortunately Im not a big white wine drinker, so I haven’t tried this…
but from personal experience, the Slingshot Cab was one of the best QPR purchases I’ve ever made on Woot. It also seemed to be most agreed upon as a ‘good wine’ between my friends (at that price range). This could be a tastey choice for some white wine lab rats.

I would/will be in for this if it has a more minerally/stainless profile in the spirit of Dry Creek’s SB.

Does anyone know if this runs fruity or minerally?

Thanks, and I will take my answer off the air …

No tricks on our Slingshot Sauvignon Blanc.

We use a stainless steel fermentation and then take roughly 10% of the juice and age it in neutral french oak. We find that it adds to the texture of the wine and helps it last longer in the bottle.

The Slingshot Sauvignon Blanc is generally more expensive than $15 retail because it has additional costs as it finds its way from our warehouse, through the distributor, through the retailer and finally onto the shelf for our customers. This is also primarily sold at restaurants. This is definitely still a screaming deal.

A little more info…my sister, Caroline Stewart, is the winemaker. She studied at Paul Hobbs, Crossbarn, Vina Cobos, and BK Wines. She is one extremely talented 29 year old winemaker.

I will keep an eye on the comments so please feel free to ask any additional questions or raise any concerns.

James Stewart - Founder

This is a more sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc. It isn’t fruity but it also isn’t overly dry. I usually describe the wine as “crisp” and “elegant” because of the combination of steel tank and french oak.

Sometimes a Sauvignon Blanc can be too “one note”. Our Sauvignon Blanc has a full pallet and great texture. So you are going to taste minerality and fruit but in balance with each other.

Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to join in the discussion.

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PH and TA please.

pH 3.35 TA 6.5g/L

1 palate
2 In for 3 based on my love for Slingshot Cabs and my trust in WD, and your responsiveness.
3 Thanks!

Thanks for jumping on board. What is the RS, if any? Alcohol at 14.5 seems a tad high for an SB. Curious why it is so high

I’m sure there is at LEAST a full pallet of this stuff, give the guy a break.

Cool, thanks for chiming in over the weekend and answering everyone’s questions. Looking forward to trying it.