Slingshot North Coast Cab Sauvignon (6)

Slingshot North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
Sold by: Stewart Cellars
$89.99 $156.00 42% off List Price
2015 Slingshot North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford is Opus One adjacent.
We’re probably looking at $100 bottle value here.

Ummmm…where are you getting Rutherford?
Grapes are from Beckstoffer Amber Knolls Vineyard, which is in Lake County.

Nah. This is a good day to day wine but won’t knock your socks off.

A north coast designation is very different from Rutherford.

I bought Random 6-Pack from Mar 24, 2017 offer and according to my taste note for 2012 Slingshot Napa Cab: muted(dumb phase?) and nothing exciting. Got some blackberry and woodchip.

The Sauvignon Blanc from Slingshot was lousy. I gather this is better liked, but seems overpriced.

I bought this in a previous offer but it was two vintages - a 2006 and …something more recent. I recall liking them both, but not quite enough to pay $15 a bottle.

I’ve purchased earlier vintages here in the past and I’m almost certain they have all been non-district specific Napa fruit - mind you, for the same price and if I’m not mistaken, less at times. I’m not familiar with this specific vineyard but we all know the Beckstoffer name and the weight it carries. This could be interesting.

Has anyone tried this or can anyone comment on what we might encounter versus prior vintages?

To echo a previous comment, what I’ve had from Slingshot has been a good Wednesday night wine but probably won’t blow your mind.

0% true.

This is my “go to” Grilling Beef Wine! It is awesome with Tri Tip, Steaks and Burgers.

I’ve purchased at least a case of each of the previous vintages, and have been extremely satisfied.

I have no reason to believe this vintage would not be up to par with the previous, so I’m in for 2!

While I preferred the earlier vintages of this wine, it still is a good go-to wine. This is not “overpriced” at all. I’d say I would expect to pay about $20 for this. It’s a nice, full, crowd pleaser.


Now, now Kyle. You got to keep a glass half full outlook and say “100% false”.