Slow And Unfairly...

Those little bastards in last place always drop these things on me. Get a life slow-pokes!

Turtle power!

aaaand one-two three, aaand one-two three

So today the shirt can either be printed on an Anvil short sleeve or an AA long sleeve shirt?

Even though you know the blue shell is coming, that split second when it shows up behind you really sucks.

I always purposely stayed behind until I got one and then just dragged it behind me as I caught up, swerving into the others, knocking them out as I stole the lead with an unbreakable weapon on my back. haha

So if one of those valves or dials or tiny scientists is wrong then the shell hits second place, third? Careening wildly through time? No pressure there tiny scientists.

The last several shirts have been down-right {un)funny and butt ugly.

Upon closer inspection I noticed one of the workers looks like a Mario Brother, with his arms crossed. Perhaps he’s the unknown 3rd Mario Brother that never received the fame and recognition his brothers shared.

PLEASE Woot, offer more zip up hoodies!

San Francisco is COLD in the summer, help? please?

Yeah, until someone throws out Lightning, runs over you with the giant shroom, or rams you with Star Power, or etc…

Nice to see the NASA guy in there… and is that Mario in the very back?
Just buy this.

Do all the little scientists realize that they took on a suicide mission?

I actually wandered through Target last week looking at Mario games and it’s your fault, shirtwoot! This does look like a fun nephew shirt though.

I do like this shirt! :slight_smile:

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