SLS Audio QS1000 Home Theater System

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New SLS Audio QS1000 Home Theater System, for $249.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SLS Audio QS1000 Home Theater System, DTS, Dolby Digital, 1200 Peak Watts

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There are three 5 star ratings on Buzzillions…

I want two of these definitely. Not a bad deal at all!

very cool

but just bought a home theater 1 month ago

looks good… I kinda want one for my gaming room.

any HDMI’s on this thing??

Pictures and PDF

was wonderin the same but I dont see any

Good stuff

retails at $800 . . . If only I had the money or knew the brand

i sell these for 600 in my store, they used to be over 1000 about 7 mths ago. it is the best HTIB i have ever heard. very powerful bass

NO HDMI or Component. But it’s got 2 digital coaxial and one optical input. I can live with that.


Isn’t black beautiful?

Review here

Done by someone at teamxbox, so it’s done with a gamer in mind, but it’s a 3 page writeup that analyzes all the components of the system - not bad if you need more info other than “sounds great” or “5 stars”

Nope. These were new in November 2005.
…no hdmi :frowning:

Can’t say I know much about this system, but they are ribbon tweeters and a bass. That means you will get very clean clear highs, but not too much mids (most of your dialogue and music). The bass probably wont be very tight.

the black series is much more high end and doesnt come with the reciever