SLS Audio QS1000 Home Theater System

40 Hz? That’s as low as it goes?

Hey, Garruella…spite doesn’t suit you. Sarcasm is so much more your style :wink:

No one can afford this NEXT

I believe that’s how much it weighs.

great point…

Wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on that RCA system if I knew 2 others were on the card tonight.

I don’t know about you… but Im going downstairs for a SMORES pop-tart

I dont know what “ribbon technology” is. But it sure sounds exciting!

Me too.

[QUOTE=MrSniperRifle, post:28, topic:222861]

you need to buy one before I know it’s safe. Consider yourself my woot tester.

Tell ya’ what…buy the other three sound systems and I’ll make hotcakes. I have real maple syrup, you know.

I have to go now, but I’ll be checking back in…we’re having guests for dinner so I’m trying to get a head start on cleaning. :frowning:

its cool i pick some up from hobby lobby last night. Its epic… has an 8 Gb view right now, refurb, $58.99 free ship:
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Someone in California bought one of these things, but then they will buy anything in California…

I got this a while back for woot and the speakers rock. The price is well worth it for the speakers alone

Is it time for bed? I am skeered something good will happen…ARGGGG

Woot House Cleaning?


I’ve been shopping a new A/V receiver or home theater heavily. Missing from this system:

  • any HDMI in/out
  • satellite ready