Slumberjack 4-Person Trail Tent

So, what size are you selling? The description says ‘4 person’, then the spec sheets lists a 2 person and a 3 person.

Great tent for $$. Same Co. that makes Eureka. This tent has fiberglass poles instead of Alum. Bathtub floors/full fly coverage. Similar tent from Eureka $200+

No, Eureka! is owned by Johnson Outdoors and I think are made in Binghamton, NY. At the very least they are designated as Made in USA. Slumberjack is owned by Exxel Outdoors and are made in China. They aren’t even in the same category of quality.

Agree with above, what are you selling? The tent 4, which is showing as a 3 person tent, or are you selling a 4 person tent and showing the wrong specs? Given that you should always buy a tent one size bigger, I.e. buy a 3 person tent for two people, you’re going to get complaints if this is really a 3 person tent.