Slumberjack Big Cot

Slumberjack Big Cot
Price: $69.99
Condition: New

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**Item: **Slumberjack Big Cot
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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uh oh, looks like lichme has competition now.

Lichme has a much better avatar and direct links. Thanks to Lichme.

If I were still doing boy scout camps I could use this cot. But I’m not. So I won’t.

Time to check out the product page

Check out some reviews from Gander Mountain or Altrec

Thanks! Some of my posts may come up slower, but indeed it is because I am taking the time to grab additional info, and pulling out direct links to previous sales and pricing details, which I think is extremely useful.

I’ve owned this cot for about 5 years. It’s well made and sturdy. I’m 5’7" and 175 lbs and it can accommodate a larger person for sure but is definitely a great item to own when you plan on crashing somewhere. Beats an air mattress for comfort and also keeps you off the ground. A good sleeping bag and you’re set. It is fairly large though. My biggest “complaint” is securing the final crossbar at the end, which can sometimes require some assistance or at least it helps. I’ve found that rolling it onto the knobs makes it easier. Definitely comfortable, the cargo bag in the bottom is nice for those of us with glasses to stash in there. My bag is starting to rip but could be sewed back up. Still functional (the bag). It’s a joke now with my friends when I show up for “roughing it” trips as they know I’ll have this in tow… For this price it’s a good deal, I think I paid around $100 at an army surplus store (uncle sams in St. Louis). Solid cot, good price. F all that pumping and deflating. Sets up in 2 minutes. I sleep like a baby on it!!! It pays for itself if you can crash on this in a buddy’s hotel room. Couches are for hippies!!

Great cot - I still have one. But many of my nights on couches were the best parts of my semi-rock and roll (okay: new wave/punk) attempt at greatness (= failure). Hippie? Never.

The storage loft, right under your head or feet. A great place to keep food safe from the bears.

Anyone have issues with these poking holes in a tent floor? Or have ideas on how to prevent that from happening?

If on soft ground, I can imagine the posts would sink a bit and possibly tear the floor.

I picked up a few of these last year for christmas gifts for my brothers, but they don’t use them because of the “tearing tent floor concern”.

NOT! Unless you want to meet a bear up close and personal when they smell the food and come for a midnight snack. Up a tree is a much better place for your food.

This looks good. May get one, need to check the finances.

What are the dimensions of the cot when folded up?

Thanks for the chuckle! :slight_smile:

You’re joking right? The Google link never works. Never. The Amazon one is a crap shoot. Most of the time in my experience it takes me to a completely different product. I fall for it every time like a chump. His links are rarely useful and are a far cry from “better”.

On a more related note, I have heard these cots are well built and worth the money - for those that cannot sleep on the floor.

I have a similar cot with the same type of legs. We use it in the tent all the time and have never had a problem with tearing the tent floor. I suppose you could fold up a tarp and put it between the cot legs and the floor as a precaution.

I have two similar Slumberjack cots. I got tired of dealing with airbeds. With two teenagers in the house we always have guests staying over. I’ve tried a few different brands and have to say these are made to last. Right now we have a 200+ lb HS Linebacker sleeping on one because they stayed up playing the new Xbox one.

They can be a little tricky to put the last cross bar in, you need to push pretty hard but the material is tight as a drum. You can get single bed sheets over it. If I already didn’t have two I’d be all over this.

looks to be a tad smaller than a folded up camp chair. Though I’d just assume it’s basically the same size.

I wonder why cots seem to be consistently dramatically more expensive relative to fold up chairs?

I get that this particular cot might be better quality than the cheapo $12 fold up chairs. But vs 15+ years ago, fold up chair prices have fallen while cot prices for comparable quality seem to stay higher.

Perhaps due to lower volume/demand for cots?

A good solution is some of those furniture sliding pads under the cot feet to spead the load and a moving blanket or outdoor rug on the floor to keep the cot from sliding around.