Slumberjack Camping Gear

Don’t know why they’d call their 30 degree bag, Telluride. You’re going to need one a lot warmer than that. Woke up with 3 inches of snow on my tent at the end of June last year down there!

Ha! Sounds like a fun time. :slight_smile: I love camping. Anyone tried that camp pad before?

Tent Dimensions
6-person: 164 x 94 x 80 in
8-person: 220 x 96 x 80 in

The short pad has average reviews.

Price at is the same as it is here.

Looks as though the rainfly only covers about 1/3 of the tent. This, essentially, makes this tent single walled.

I am not completely familiar with tents of this size. However, with the backpacking tents I am familiar with, a fully double walled tent allows for better rain protection and more airflow. More airflow means less condensation. Also, the second (outer) wall is where most of the condensation will occur. Since the inner wall stays dry, so do you.

I can only assume that with 6-8 people sleeping in the same tent, there will be some warm and moist air being produced. In the end, this could mean for a damp interior to the tent.

Do you know how small they pack?

Been looking for some car camping bags that zip together. How these aren’t overkill for car camping

Any special washing instructions for the sleeping bags? Can I just toss them in the washer on cold? I didn’t see any info on the slumberjack product page.

quality post right there… some essential things to consider before a purchase.

I camp out of a backpack - I’d love to see some lightweight camping gear for a change. If I did car camping I’d be all over some of these deals. :slight_smile: