Slumberjack Denali Camp Pad

Does it soak up beer “spills”?

Do you mean pre or post imbibing?

A camp pad for midgets? At 4’2" … who would use this? I mean, besides little people…

you only really need the area from your head to your butt padded. Your legs don’t need the padding.

this saves space and weight, a must when doing real camping.

so unless you are over 7 1/2 ’ tall, this should be long enough

Small people who don’t mind carrying a lot of bulk in a package that weighs almost a kilo.

Or in other words, if you’re taking your kids car-camping, and don’t plan on setting up your tent too far from the car, this is a cheap way to keep them more comfortable.

Post… At 4’, I see this as a giant adult diaper…